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Well, Bill Knight tells us he had an interesting phone call today, from a councillor who will remain nameless, wanting to know Bill’s thoughts on the Tourism Levy issue and what public feedback Bill was hearing.  Naturally enough Bill gave his two bobs worth which basically mirrored the views of just about everyone else.. we don’t want it.

Seems council hasn’t even discussed a levy and hence why we didn’t read about it in the daily.  How it came to be on the local tv news is not yet clear but the message that has run loud and clear is that the community is definitely watching and watching closely indeed.  Good to see and we’re not about to back down for one minute!

The highlight of the week has been discussion on the water park, it is clear that resistance to this project is growing and there are a number of writers who can smell political opportunism and pork barrelling.  Like it or not, new attractions such as the water park will serve to enhance the community and provide additional activities for locals and visitors alike.  Can it be made viable and self supporting?  Lets just hope so.

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Nancy Says #15

Nancy Says: “Dulled by the shameless public relations blitz”!

I have to ask, who would know more about a “shameless public
relations blitz” than Nancy? She goes on to tell about the
“fleeces” being pulled over our eyes and goes on about “facts
so blatantly tortured”.
Is this the same person who some weeks ago was dismayed
by the output of “gutless anonymous blogs”. Who claims “it is
gross to compare a newspaper to an anonymous blog site”.
Yet continues to beguile us with the rantings of the anonymous
Squid and the (are they real), SMS’s TO ED?
To quote our Daily, I “A.M.” “Appalled” and “Disgusted” by it’s
biased content.

Nancy Says 16

“Honesty in government statistics and administrative costs would
be a good start” Nancy Says. One can only hope she means at
ALL levels of government?
If the seamier side of (council) life is swept under the carpet, we
cannot be considered a credible daily paper! Nancy tells of
hesitating over publishing the seamier side of life and alienating
readers! Now why would she worry about that?
In fairness it appears our council heeds what Nancy Says. I
noted last week, in the interest of cutting “administrative costs”,
council agendas will no longer be provided for the public! From
now on those attending council meetings, can share  three
copies housed in plastic folders. For the full story on council
meetings, the public will have to wait until the next days, Daily.
John A Neve

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9 comments on “Weekend Edition

  1. A friend of mine just emailed me one of your articles from a while back. I read that one a few more. Really enjoy your blog. Thanks.

    Jason Whitmen

  2. On April 18, 2008 at 10:28 pm rogercurrie Said:


    I was woken this morning to the sound of a tree top level aircraft ,carrying out radio geology surveys of the Tiaro Coal Measures under the Tiaro region .

    Here are the people who may be responsible for increasing the regions contributions to GHG and possibly decreasing the regions water supply as a bonus :

    Perhaps we may get a coal fired water park yet?

    It will be very interesting to see what debate is forthcoming from the PEAK OIL wing of the Qld government , as to climate change and global warming ramifications for the region, given that we have nominated the region for Man And Biosphere under the UN ?

    It will also be very interesting to ponder where the water supply might come from for this potential project, given its close proximity to Traveston crossing?

    Strewthisback replies: Roger, we suspect the aircraft you saw was the Boeing operated drone that is conducting aerial photography across the state. This progam is just part of regular updating of the nation’s mapping data.

    We was only made aware of Tiaro Coal yesterday and agree we need to be careful about any industry that might use excessive amounts of water or indeed contribute to GHG. However, any new industry that has the potential to create new jobs and bring investment dollars into the region needs to be carefully considered.

  3. aerial imagery at tree top level ,with a drone controlled cessna trailing a radio mapping cone?

    The test bore holes for coal are located on the flight path , maybe they are mapping for koalas and drop bears? What would i know , i am just a humble GIS consultant , living on top of the Tiaro Coal Measures who the Malaysians want to dig up , thats all.

    This project is by a trifecta of mining cliches with conections to XSTRATA

  5. “We were only made aware of Tiaro Coal yesterday and agree we need to be careful about any industry that might use excessive amounts of water or indeed contribute to GHG. However, any new industry that has the potential to create new jobs and bring investment dollars into the region needs to be carefully considered”

    Well i volunteer to do the Cost Benefit Analysis for them , and the Anti Traveston Groups can collectively do the EIS , and we will do it very, very , very carefully , because we would need to determine just what value the people who may lose their properties would like as compensation , and i have the expertise to value the biodiversity loss from a project of this scale , which may see the COSTS outwiegh the BENEFITS , as is the case with Traveston .

    Please go to my blog and read the submissions , very , very carefully, and you may learn something about CBA and the ethical distribution of regional resources.

  6. A drone Cessna controlled by Boeing doing routine mapping over Malaysian coal interests?

    Come on, fellas, surely with the shortage of funds for every aspect of our society our governments would not be allowing foreign interest to take advantage of our resources in such a manner.

    I would suggest the Cessna is photographing the area as part of the proposed ratepayer funded tourism campaign.

    No doubt it will benefit us all!

    Ask the Chronicle for an spot of investigative journalism if you have any doubts.

  7. No point in asking the daily rag for a bit of “investigative journalism”. In case you hadn’t noticed, journalism is a somewhat foreign notion in our beloved daily. Add “investigative” to the mix and guess who will be reaching for their dictionaries?

  8. Re: Nancy says #15

    I casually commented a few weeks back that I had a gut feeling that we may have had a second and possibly more switched on daily rag looming on the horizon, in the form of the Independent as I had been told about them advertising for an editor.
    This was more or less confirmed when the stop gap Editor/manager was very critical of the “Daily Bible” as he tongue in cheek referred to the Comical in this article and his references to daily papers etc in the advert he ran in the same edition again to me was a veiled confirmation of this theory……BUT, what he did next was bizzare to say the least.
    He launched into a rant about “anonymous blogs” not having credibility, being short on facts and telling mistruths and false statements and that they were basically gutless, mainly because they didn’t allow anybody who had been “defamed” or spoken about in them to offer a response; HELLO!!!! Scotty baby, what do you think I’m doing right now? Responding to a statement in this blog, something you or anyone else can do quite simply.
    It was almost as though he had called Comical Nance and had her dictate the wording; it had old Nance painted all over it, so if we get a second daily, I really do hope they get an editor with better investigative skills than those displayed by the current team doing the once a weeker, or they’ll be trying to outdo themselves at misinformation and untruths all in the name of “honest” journalism.

    Got a comment Scott? Believe it or not you have the opportunity unlike papers including your own who don’t always reproduce comments from members of the public if they don’t suit their agenda or ideas.
    Talk about the kettle calling the frying pan black; what an outstanding example.

    (The Edition concerned I think was the April 11th. I forwarded it on to someone in Maryborough as I couldn’t believe what I was reading.)

    Strewthisback can confirm it was the April 11 edition and we too found it amusing. We’ve even given readers a direct email address you can contact us on at the top of the page. Doesn’t get any easier and if Scott or Nancy or anyone else for that matter wants to reply we’d be more than happy to print their response in full.

  9. Nancy would know all abou lack of Transparency – she sits on Wide Bay Waters Board – WBW rejecting all attempts by the public to gain greater transparency.

    The Fraser Coast Chronicle she edits spends WBW ( taxpayer funds ) on huge advertsing spreads spruiking the Water Corp. Nancy calls for greater transparency and facts and figures from government is a bit of a joke – she sits on the board and Wide BAy Water and spends our ( taxpayer) funds while WBW resist all attempts at transparency and disclosure.

    What is good is that a cyncial disinterested public rarely take any interest in her editorial rantings

    BBS writes: We’re not too sure what hollow you have been in Washout but we’re happy to advise Ms Bates is no longer on the board of the organisation you mention. However, in reading her publication you would be forgiven for thinking the way you do. The endless double page spreads supporting anything to do with WBW is absolutely disgraceful and quite possibly a serious abuse of position.. but it is owned by an advertising company and yes.. WBW does appear to put a large amount of paid advertorials in that particular medium so.. one might say it is just business.

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